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Africatown | Spa Hotel + Convention Center | The Spirit of Regeneration

The African Spa Hotel and Convention Center are designed as two separate structures. They are beside each other and connected via the main floor and the platform floor. The transition from one place includes an outdoor cafe to improve commercial activity. Bigger trees piercing through the platform level also add a natural feeling to the area.

A hotel multiple stories that are also terraces. Convention center is next to the hotel and connected to it through second story plaza.
Spa Hotel + Convention Center

The Hotel is formed to complement the rest of the site with terraces all the way to the top floor which has one deluxe and one presidential suite. These terraces have the potential to provide solar energy as well as a great outdoor space for the guestrooms. Taking advantage of the solar energy opportunity would allow the building to be both literally and symbolically regenerative.

The Hotel is located at the edge of the site--far from the square--to provide abundant privacy to its visitors while maintaining a reasonably short distance to walk to the other venues. A small marina in front of the hotel gives visitors an additional way to travel and connect with the water. Water features are used in different areas of the hotel as well because it is the main element of healing and regenerating. The core of the structure has a greenhouse-like environment with plants and herbal smells. Visitors can come to this place to improve their physical, spiritual, and psychological livelihoods.

A river marina next to the hotel.
Hotel Marina

The hotel restaurant, inspired by African cuisine, is also placed on the creek side to be near the water features. This close proximity to the water allows for an enhanced experience while dining. The lounge and gift shop are also located on the main floor near the lobby. Partial openings above the lobby provide natural light into it, creating an open and light atmosphere.

Although the ballroom is located on the second floor, it is easily accessible from the platform level of the site. The business center is also located close to the convention center to improve the connectivity between the hotel and the convention center.

Business people talking in front big storefront windows. Artificial pond is in the background. Conference posters.
Convention Center

The facade of the hotel is designed to have an amazing view of the surrounding nature for the guestrooms. A double-facade system is anchored to the exterior shell of the hotel to provide additional direct sunlight protection. The facade system panels are made of metal mesh that is inspired by African patterns.

The layout of the main and platform level of the hotel is planned to be flexible and adaptive to the different expectations of the users.

Every level of the hotel shows different activities in the cross-section view.
Hotel Cross-Section View

The convention center is also designed to be flexible with an open floor plan and glazing 360 for maximum outdoor connectivity and accessibility from all four sides of the building. The African Travel Bureau Center is located in the middle of the first floor to be the first feature seen by visitors. The meeting hall and the ballrooms are located on the platform level in order to host large conferences. A food court is located on a terrace of the convention center, which is located on the creek-facing side. The top two floors have flexible office spaces.

People eating and drinking at the food court. Outdoor beer tables on the terrace.
Food Court

Regenerate your mind by learning at the Convention Center. Regenerate your body by resting at the hotel. Regenerate your spirit by enjoying the elements of nature and community highlighted within both.

A main in robe walking in greenhouse-like spa.
Spa | Wellness Center


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