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We offer design services for home addition and remodeling projects.


Builder's Set (most preferred service)

PHASE 1: Measuring & Drawing Existing Condition

PHASE 2: Schematic Design

  • Delivery Estimate: 3 weeks

  • Drawing List: Architectural Site Plan, Proposed Floor Plans, 3D Views

PHASE 3: Design Development

  • Delivery Estimate: 3 weeks

  • Drawing List: Architectural Site Plan, Foundation Plan, Demo Floor Plans, Proposed Floor Plans, Roof Plan, Existing Elevations, Proposed Elevations, Window & Door Schedules, Electrical Plans

Full Architecture (add-on)
PHASE 4: Construction Documents
Delivery Estimate: 5 weeks
Reviewed & Approved by a Licensed Architect
Drawing List: Design Development Set + Reflected Ceiling Plans, Interior Elevations, Building Sections, Wall Sections


Interior Design (add-on)
PHASE 4: Interior Specifications
Drawing List: Interior Elevations, Interior Details, 3D Interior Renderings, Spec. Sheets
Material, Color & Fixture Decisions



Construction Planning & Observation

Finding the best contractor fit for your project can be daunting. We'll help you throughout the process.

  • Getting quotes from general contractors

  • Coordinating with the general contractor

  • Random construction site visits and quality checks

  • Consulting on construction methods

"Friends of Fabl" Contractors

Coming soon...

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