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Ty Tekeli




My name is Ty Tekeli, and I'm a residential designer based in East Nashville. I moved to Nashville in 2017 from Istanbul, where I had previously worked on a variety of design projects.

With a passion for creating beautiful and functional spaces, I specialize in residential design and have worked on numerous projects throughout my career. I believe that every home should be a reflection of its inhabitants, and I work closely with my clients to create personalized, customized designs that meet their unique needs and preferences.

In addition to my work as a designer and my passion for design competitions, I love spending time with my family and exploring the neighborhoods of Nashville. We often take walks around our local community, discovering new parks, cafes, and shops along the way. I also enjoy playing chess and challenging my strategic thinking skills with my friends.

Since moving to East Nashville, I have fallen in love with the community here and feel truly at home. I'm constantly inspired by the vibrant energy and creativity of the people and places around me, and I strive to bring that same sense of joy and inspiration to my work.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and my work. If you're interested in learning more about my design services or would like to discuss a potential project, please don't hesitate to reach out. I would be thrilled to hear from you!



Site Plans. Foundation Plans. Floor plans. Roof Plans. Exterior elevations. Wall Sections. Details.


Interior Elevations. Interior Details. 3D Interior Renderings. Material, Color & Product Decisions.


Diagrams, Renderings & Animations

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