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All-Season Room

Nashville, Tennessee 37206

We're thrilled to share the transformation of a charming screen room into a versatile all-season haven. This project marries functionality with rustic elegance. Central to the design is a corner fireplace clad in timeless stucco, offering warmth and a focal point for the room. A cozy wet bar stretches along an entire wall, complemented by shelves above to host a variety of spirits and glassware. We embraced a natural aesthetic by leaving the rafters exposed, celebrating the beauty of raw wood, while new skylights punctuate the ceiling, inviting streams of natural light. The flooring will be a rich terra-cotta tile, enhancing the room's earthy, inviting ambiance. Outside, a new pergola serves as a graceful transition from the backyard to the all-season room, seamlessly blending indoor comfort with outdoor beauty.

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