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Attached Pool House

Nashville, Tennessee 37216

Our latest design project seamlessly integrates luxury and safety with the addition of a meticulously crafted pool house. This new structure, featuring a stone veneer that harmonizes with the main residence, includes an innovative theater in its basement. The theater level also houses a secure safe room, specifically designed to provide refuge during natural disasters, ensuring safety and peace of mind. Connecting the pool house to the main home is a beautifully designed passageway that accommodates a sumptuous master suite. This passageway is topped with a vibrant green roof, enhancing the eco-friendly profile and offering natural insulation. Taking advantage of the backyard's natural grade, an infinity pool graces the front of the pool house, merging seamlessly with the landscape to create a breathtaking visual effect. This thoughtful design not only complements the existing home but also elevates its elegance, functionality, and safety.

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